Roof Repair – Wixom



Catch Problems Before They Become Catastrophes!

Do you ever get up at night and look out the window, only to realize that your roof has started to sag in places? Or do you feel a little raindrop trickle down onto your comfy sofa when you least expect it?

Before long, those minor problems could become full-blown catastrophes, putting you on the hook for some costly roof repairs.

With this post, we’ll show you how to inspect your roof like a pro, so there are no more surprises waiting for you above (or below) eye level! Get ready – let’s start inspecting from top to bottom!

Begin Indoors

Before you brave Wixom’s great outdoors to check your roof, start inside and take a good look around. If there are any tell-tale stains on the ceiling or mold in sight, it may be an indication of trouble.

And don’t forget to take a peek around the attic! You’ll want to snoop around for any dark areas which might reveal pesky leaks, holes, or sagging sheathing.

Plus, if you’re unlucky enough to spot any mildewy messes on ceilings… Well then, it’s time to call in the professionals and get that tired ol’ roof fixed up ASAP!

Head Outside

To effectively inspect your roof, it’s best to take the scenic route and climb up a ladder if you can. Check for any signs of disrepair. Look out for issues like torn shingles, rusty nails, blocked vents, and sagging areas that may be indicative of future problems.

Make sure leaves and debris are cleared out from gutters too. Also check that the sealant is intact around pipes or penetrations such as chimneys and skylights – you don’t want potentially dangerous exposures.

And don’t forget about those hard-to-reach places like under eaves or between fascia boards, where critters love to nestle in and signs of rotting may be lurking.

Get a Wider Look from the Street

If climbing a ladder isn’t possible, you can grab some binoculars for an equally thorough view from the street. Be sure to look for any tell-tale signs of trouble – dark spots, missing shingles or drooping in crucial areas.

Further inspection may reveal blistering paint that has started peeling off; especially in Wixom, where icy winters happen often. Keep an eye out for ice dams, which could cause water buildup on the edge and lead to serious leaks in your home.

Also, take a look around the neighborhood. If your neighbors are all upgrading their roofs, it may be a sign of harsh wear and tear on your own home. After all, homes of a similar age experience similar forces from Mother Nature – don’t get left behind in all this turbulent weather!


Wixom residents know all too well how wild the weather can get. Regularly inspecting your roof is the best way to prevent any costly damages in the future. Make it part of your seasonal checklist and use a ladder twice a year, once during springtime and again at fall’s start – this will enable you to spot-check for trouble spots.

Roof inspections can be daunting, but now that you’re equipped with the knowledge about what to look for and how to spot roof issues (no matter how small), you’re ready for the job. It could mean the difference between a minor repair and a major replacement – or worse, even structural damage.

And if you do find anything suspicious, don’t wait too long to take action, and call in the professionals. So check twice, act once: Contact The Roof Company and start protecting your home today!