5 Warning Signs that Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Have you found chunks of shingles in your gutters after rainstorms? Are your energy bills suddenly skyrocketing? Do you hear strange, non-ghostly noises coming from the attic? If so, it might be time to start thinking about replacing that old roof.

Don’t worry, South Lyon – We’ve got you covered!

In this message , we’ll discuss five warning signs that it’s time for a roof replacement. So if you want to make sure your home is safe from potential damage down the line, keep reading!

1: Missing or Cracked Shingles

If you’ve noticed your shingles looking a bit worse for wear – curled, cracked, or missing entirely – it may be time to invest in that new roof.

Shingle debris can also be found in the gutters, possibly marking the end of their lifespan and pointing toward a much-needed replacement. Other signs include discoloration around vents, moss growth, and damage near chimneys and skylights – so keep an eye out!

2: Shockingly High Energy Bills

As air conditioning season kicks in, and temperatures rise in South Lyon, so do energy costs… But if you’re seeing a drastic increase in your bills, the real problem might be looming above.

Your roof keeps things comfortable and secure inside your home – however, it may have seen better days! Consider replacing an old or worn-out roof to ensure optimal insulation and ventilation that can drastically reduce those hefty energy expenses.

3: Noises in the Attic

Beware of noisy roof parts shaking in the wind, including gutters, shingles, and attachments. Don’t wait to fix them, as damage can escalate with each windy day. Detached parts can cause even further harm to the roof.

Also, roof leaks can’t always be seen, even though they can be heard. As rain falls onto different materials in the attic, it creates unique noises. Depending on whether the water is falling on metal or wood, the sound will differ. So when it starts to rain and you hear an unusual dripping, it’s time to suspect a leak. Take action. While small leaks can be patched, larger issues could mean it’s time for a roof replacement.

To ensure things stay in the best condition, we suggest getting a professional inspection before taking any steps, so you know exactly what kind of damage has been done – and you can trust The Roof Company for all your inspection needs. Our success comes from delivering unparalleled customer service and top-notch products that create a lasting impact.

4: Look at All the Colors!

Homeowners should make a habit of taking a regular look-see at the roof. Subtle changes, such as discoloration or spots, could indicate that warm air has become trapped in the attic and is causing condensation on the roof’s underside. This can lead to rusting nails, mold growth, and even wood rot.

Not-so-subtle discoloration on your rooftop may also indicate the presence of moss, algae, or mold. Over time, these organisms can cause considerable damage to your roof, and leave it looking worse for wear.

And The Roof Company can help! Here at The Roof Company, we take pride in making sure our South Lyon clients feel respected and valued. We strive for excellence in every single job, ensuring you get the best service each time!

5: A Saggy Roof

Is your roof no longer as strong and sturdy as it once was? Sagging could be caused by anything from too much weight on top, aging shingles, or water damage. It could also be due to structural damage from age or weather conditions.

No matter what brought about the issue, an experienced pro can provide timely solutions and reliable repairs. And we’re the solution you’ve been looking for. Our secret to success? By combining top-notch customer service with stellar products, we leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.

So don’t delay – contact The Roof Company to restore the integrity of your home with a roof replacement!

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