5 “Unspoken Rules” of Roof Replacement

Are you in the market for roof replacement in Wixom? Congratulations! You’re investing in one of the most important ways to protect your home from the elements.

But before you jump into the deep end with a complete roof replacement, take note – there are some unspoken rules that all homeowners should be aware of when it comes to updating your roof. Read on to learn what they are, so you can make sure your roof replacement is as successful and stress-free as possible!

1: Beware of “Shingle Thieves”

For those of us not in the roofing business, it may sound strange, but shingle thieves are out there on the prowl. They pilfer shingles to sell to dubious contractors at rock-bottom prices.

Watch out particularly at night, when thieves sneak onto roofing sites to steal shingles, as well as other tools and items. Don’t risk losing your valuable materials by leaving them unattended!

2: A Steep Downside

You can make your home look more elegant with a steep replacement roof, but it comes at a cost.

Though pitched roofs may look aesthetically pleasing, the steep angle can cause debris and dust to gather in your gutters, resulting in the need for more frequent cleaning. But neglecting gutter maintenance can lead to severe damage, including leaks.

Also, the steeper slope can pose a challenge when it comes to accessing and navigating your roof. And let’s not forget the higher risk of slipping and falling.

When deciding the slope of your new Wixom roof replacement, remember to balance safety with beauty.

3: Prime Roofing Weather

While it may cause some inconvenience, it’s worth waiting for dry weather to start installing your new roof.

Rain and moisture during installation can compromise the integrity of the roof and possibly endanger everyone involved. Be safe and wait for clear skies before installing your roof.

Also, the limited window for outdoor activities in Wixom means that roofers have to make the most of nice weather. The best time for roofing work ranges from April to October, with the end of summer providing optimal balance of warmth and coolness.

4: Good Neighbors

Make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows what’s going on – after all, roof replacement can be a headache. You can expect to hear some noise and see some trucks on site. And unfortunately, your poor neighbors won’t be spared from the commotion either.

Concerned about your neighbors during roofing installation? Talk to the manager or team leader! They’ll ensure that work stops at a designated hour while complying with local laws and being considerate of your community’s needs. Trust a capable contractor to do the job right.

5: Feeling Overwhelmed? Call the Professionals!

Don’t get stuck in a DIY nightmare trying to reach those hard-to-get spots on your roof. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to call in the experts to handle it safely and efficiently.

Professional roofers use the best techniques and materials for installation or repair, ensuring your roof’s longevity. Plus, they work efficiently, saving you time and money. And they’re equipped with the latest safety gear, so you can rest easy knowing their work is handled safely. Save yourself the hassle and hire a professional for your roofing needs.


As a Wixom homeowner, replacing your roof can be a complex process, riddled with unspoken perils – from shingle thieves to the possibility of accidents due to steeper pitches. So put these tips to work and, if all else fails, don’t forget you can always count on The Roof Company to provide professional, hassle-free roof replacement services

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