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How Bad Weather Impacts Your Roof


The weather in Milford can be beautiful – but let’s face it, no one likes a forecast packed with heavy rain, punishing snow, and other extreme conditions. Unfortunately for homeowners, Michigan’s increasingly bad weather isn’t just an inconvenience; it can cause serious damage to your roof if not taken care of properly.

We’ll explore what types of adverse weather conditions can wreak havoc on your home, as well as how you can protect the most important part of your house – your roof. So, before the next dark cloud rolls in, equip yourself with some knowledge so that you don’t end up needing a major roof repair job!

Water Damage

Michigan’s no stranger to intense rainstorms – but even brief showers can be enough to cause problems like moisture damage.

Left unchecked, excessive moisture invites mold, algae, and mildew to take up residence in the exposed materials of your roof.

It’s a rotten predicament that could turn into an expensive headache that necessitates full replacement of your rooftop!

Hail Storms

Hailstorms can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, wreaking havoc throughout the seasons with gusty golf ball-sized chunks of icy snow. Your first line of defense against these harsh elements is your roof – unfortunately it’s most susceptible to the severe damage caused by hailstorms.

Harsh hail can be a real roof-wrecker, pressuring shingles into submission by wearing down the materials and breaking them away. Protect your home from this force of nature now so you don’t have to bust your wallet open with costly repairs later.

High Winds

As we all know, Milford can be subject to extreme weather conditions, including high winds.

Wind may not appear to be as destructive as rain or hail, but its powerful gusts can take down even the sturdiest roofs and structures When strong winds hit a roofing system, they quickly cause chaos in their wake – scattering debris everywhere like an invisible storm. Shingles can be torn off exposing the wood. It’s best to have the repair as soon as possible.

A wise homeowner will consider modern shingle designs specially manufactured to protect your home – these revolutionary styles give you added defense against damaging winds or unpredictable storms!

Sun Damage

With the sun shining down on us day after day, it’s easy to forget how damaging its radiation can be.

If left unchecked over time, your roof may slowly become worn away – each ray of light chipping off essential protectants and drying out shingles until they eventually weaken enough for cracks and holes to form. Any moisture that makes its way in between those ruptures has a direct route into the underlying wood of your roof – potentially leading to weeks or even months’ worth of costly repairs.

Regularly inspecting for damage is a surefire way of safeguarding yourself from unpleasant surprises down the road, and guaranteeing your roof survives the summer heat.


All in all, weather can be the best friend or worst enemy of a homeowner. Whether it’s hot and sunny or cold and stormy outside, your roof is one of the most important components that protects you from any conditions. To ensure that your roof doesn’t end up needing repairs, take proactive steps to protect it.

At The Roof Company, our team of experts knows exactly how to help you do just that – from regular inspections and maintenance tasks to emergency repairs after events like hailstorms and strong winds. So don’t wait for a disaster to strike – contact us today and get ahead of whatever bad weather may come your way!