JASON VEDRO Repair Manager

The Overseer With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, Jason handles production coordination with the roofing crew and manages all safety protocols for the company. He is our go-to guy for making sure people have what they need to be as efficient as possible. Jason loves providing a literal roof over your […]

ALEXANDRA PALMA Administrative Manager

Switchboard Operator As our rock star Switchboard Operator, Alexandra works with all members of the company to create an organized, team-oriented environment. She manages all communications via phone and email, handles and sets up all TRC estimates, and always goes above and beyond for customers. If you’re lucky enough to chat with Alexandra, you can […]


Chief. With over 30 years of expertise in the industry, Darren has always had a passion for roofing. Known as ‘Mr. Real Quick, ’ he loves building efficient systems and structures. Darren has very high standards and will personally oversee your project to ensure you receive the very best quality and service. Darren loves people […]

CHRIS TODESCHINI Production Manager

The Agent Chris manages our sales team and takes care of all replacement estimates. He oversees all aspects of TRC sales and loves to help our customers find the right solutions to fit their budget. Chris is the model of integrity and is always happy to answer any questions so customers can feel confident they’re […]