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If you have been searching for the best siding contractors in your area, look no further than The Roof Company. Since 2011, our siding installers have been working with local homeowners to ensure their properties stay in top shape through every season.

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James Hardie Siding For Your Home

james hardie siding

As a property owner in Metro Detroit, you’re no stranger to the demanding climate, and your siding makes a major contribution in protecting your home from the elements. From minor siding repairs to full-scale replacements, our siding specialists have got you covered. As a James Hardie siding contractor, we know what it takes to make sure your property is comfortable and secure. Hardie Siding is specifically engineered to withstand different climates, so you can trust it to perform well no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Whether you’re dealing with the  harsh northern winter weather, or the wet and windy conditions of a Michigan Spring, fiber cement siding holds up remarkably well over time.

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