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When you work with The Roof Company, you are not only getting a quality product.You are also receiving the peace
of mind that comes with choosing a company that will stand by their work and honor their commitment made to you.

Roof Repair

Your roof is what protects your home from the elements, which is why it is important to ensure your roof stays in the best condition. Many outside elements can damage your roof over time and can even cause the need for a full roof replacement. If you notice signs that your roof requires repair, it’s best to nip it in the butt and get to the bottom of it right away.


Roof Replacement

We understand — deciding on whether you need a roof replacement can be an intimidating and stressful experience. From the initial phone call to the end of a project, our team is here to walk you through the entire process to answer any questions you may have. We’ll work together to help you decide on the best roofing solution for your home.


Gutter Repair

The best time to replace your gutter is when you have a new roof. Whether you have a minor damage, major storm damage, or anything in between, we have the premium materials and skilled craftsmanship you need to get your gutter restored to working condition quickly and effectively. 

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About The Roof Company

Founded by Darren Youngquist and Jason Vedro, The Roof Company has been owned and operated since 2011. Both Darren & Jason have (and continue to) pour their hearts and souls into the business they have built and continue to grow. Proudly serving all of Southeast, Michigan, and surrounding areas for over 25 years, TRC is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

We are successful because we have built trust by providing excellent customer service and quality products that leave a life-long impression on our clientele. We care for people, and this sets us apart from the competition. Our clients have come to expect the professionalism and expertise that TRC delivers with every residential roofing project.

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